Revolutionary DartSight Training and Alignment System

Our goal with the Revolutionary DartSight Training and Alignment System is to provide Dart Players everywhere with a series of basic concepts, methodology, and exercises that allow you to establish a throw, and an ‘action’ that is aligned, reliable and repeatable.

We don’t just show what to practice, we show HOW to practice it, … perfectly.

For Dart coaches, at Dart Academies and private coaching, we offer more information, dedicated coaching-exercises, and discussion by hourly instruction on-line (we will be arranging that soon)

We are also working on a coach’s manual.
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Buying and using DartSight and becoming a better player is as easy as… 1, 2, 3 🙂

Get the kit

Click “Buy Now”, and receive your Dart Player’s Training Kit in a few days as well as instant access to the training platform under the Tutorials Menu

Practice the system

Work through the simple-to-follow text and images supported by videos in our online Tutorials training platform using the alignment tools in your Dart Players Training Kit to practice your action.

Be a better darts player

With regular perfect practice of these simple techniques you can develop a repeatable and reliable throwing action and enjoy the sport of darts.