The Dart Player’s Training Handbook

Dart Player’s Training Kit and On-line Instructional/Training Videos

Are you looking to become a better darts player?

Well look no further, the patented DartSight Training and Alignment System can help you to improve your accuracy by following simple video tutorials to develop a repeatable and reliable throwing action.

Along with instant access to our online training systems you will receive by post the Dart Player’s Training Kit consisting of

  • The DartSight,
  • DartSight Plumb-Line including detachable Dart-Sharpener
  • The Dart Player’s Training Handbook, (a Quick Guide) is a small 16-page booklet that includes:
    • Introducing DartSight, Assembly and Use
    • DartSight: The Revolutionary New Training Aid
    • The Basic DartSight Methodology
    • Your Dominant Eye
    • 1.4. Hang the DartSight Plumb-Line
    • 1.5 What You Should See with Your Dominant Eye
    • 1.6 What You Should Look Like From the Front
    • 1.7 What You Should Practice.
    • PRACTICE I: “Fall-Back and Return”
    • PRACTICE II: The Whole Action
    • PRACTICE III: Sport Imagery
    • Some Things to Remember


  • a series of Reminder Sheets that develop some of the concepts presented in the Handbook and that will form the basis for a series of demonstrations that we’ll provide as videos that are also on the web site

Included in the purchase price is instant access to all our on-line instructional/training videos.

These videos and accompanying text and images are structured to enhance the Handbook, and provide step by step demonstrations and instruction on all aspects of the DartSight Methods, to help align your throw and develop a reliable and repeatable muscle memory for your action that lets you focus on all the other aspects of the game.  We really think we have discovered something very useful and are now happy to offer it to the Darting Community.

Caution kit contains small parts, this is not a toy


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Recent Comments

These comments are feedback from customers who have previously used our products or services.

Paul McDonagh

Semi Pro Player and Coach at Stockport Darts Academy

I had developed dartitis and couldn’t release the dart. On the Saturday morning I put it on and used it to go through my practice and see if I could aim at the targets.

It was not easy at first knowing how to look through the sighter, but then I soon got the hang of it, and by Sunday night I was cured!

Jake Murphy

Stockport Darts Academy Player

I used to find my self to have a snatch sometimes when I throw but dartsight helped me understand my action better and stripped it of all its bad habits. In my eyes it is a perfect tool for beginners to get a nice action going but also even if you are someone of experience it can also help you get back on track.

Patrick Chaplain PhD

Dart Historian

The general consensus was that DartSight is a product that, for the price of a pint, has the potential to improve anyone’s game.

The Needham brothers are to be congratulated on producing such an effective and inexpensive darting aid.

Steve Metalman

Keen darts player and admin on Darts Forum

I found that using DartSight kept my wrist straight