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The DartSight Methodology: An Overview for the “In Front of Eye” Action

While most dart players tend to use what we might call the the “Traditional” action (i.e., aim, back, push forward, launch, and follow through), as we now all know, there is a slightly different action that does not do the upright arm “aim” position.  Rather the player brings the dart-in-hand up to somewhere under the dominant eye and launches from there,  –hence, what we have called the “In Front of Eye” action. We have experimented with this method and find that the DartSight and our alignment tools can be used to develop and establish this action too.

On this page and video we show how to anchor that initial “In Front of Eye” position and then push forward, releasing the dart along the Arc-of-the-Dart that, again, gets it to the target.

As shown in the image, the action starts in front of the eye, which is the new aiming position.

We look through the DartSighter at the target and use the mirror to make sure our arm is straight up in line with the plumbline.

Then, we simply push forward and release the dart, launching it to the board along this new arc.

This is quite an efficient and simple technique with less moving parts than the “Traditional” aim, back and throw. (See below for a brief DartSight-comparison).

Aim in front of the eye by looking at the target (e.g. bullseye) through the sighter

Check in the mirror to make sure that your stance, arm, hand, dart, DartSighter and  dominant eye are all in line with the plumbline that is hung over the target.

Comparing the “Traditional” Action with the “In Front of Eye” Action

This is slightly different to the Traditional action as described here. What we established for that action, was that we used the DartSighter to lock in the initial aiming position and then looked through the DartSIghter at the the toggle to set the back position. We then pushed forward from there trying to go through the same aiming position and releasing the dart along the arc of the dart.

For this Traditional action, we actually took full advantage of a player’s natural push forward to establish their natural arc of the dart and hence where the darts go from this back position. To do that we set our Toggle-to-Target distance that we could consistently move all around the board by simply moving the plumbline over the number we want to hit.

For this “in front of eye” action, the aiming position of the DartSight is in front of the eye followed by a push forward up along the arc. And so here, we have to experiment and determine a slightly new push forward that is still nevertheless in line with, and so uses, the plumbline.

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