The DartSight Training and Alignment System


Our Story

We’ve played darts for over 40 years, and have done OK in local leagues. As you might imagine though, we wanted to get better. When we searched around the internet to try and find some additional guidance and advice on how we could improve on aiming etc, the only thing we found was ‘what to do’ i.e. “get it in line” “aim at the target” “keep it straight”, but we couldn’t find anywhere that told us ‘how to do it!’

How do we “get it in line?”

How do we “aim at the target?”

How do we “keep it straight?”

Then, back in 2013 David came up with a new idea, –a sighter that could be put on the finger of his dart hand that he could look through and guide his aiming. It actually gave him something to really focus on.

And that’s when we recognized that the DartSight gave us an alignment system that was unique to darts and so we began to develop a series of training methods to show how to use it.

As they say, “practice makes perfect

actually, it’s “Perfect practice makes perfect”

And with Dartsight we could practice perfectly.

Now, we want to bring this “Revolutionary DartSight Training and Alignment System“, that we have now developed and tested ourselves, to the darting community, –from beginners to team players to professionals alike, and are keen to hear what you all think.

We are DartSight
David and Stuart Needham

And in our “other lives” outside of DartSight,

Stuart runs our non-profit Training and Skills Development Foundation in Oldham, UK, focused on MIDAS training — Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme –A nationally recognised training course for minibus drivers 

David is now Professor Emeritus at Duke University, USA, continuing to work on  treating and curing cancers, with particular focus now on Brain Cancer at a new  “People before Profits” company DNKO LLC