Seasoned Players

Thank you David, 
You have helped me 'square up' my wrist position
I'd been looking for the right spot for ages
It feels good to get my old throw back
Its a genuine comment, the dartsight really did sort out my wrist line. 

I dont know how much longer it would have taken me to figure it out by myself,

but it means I can get on with other things
It sits next to my dartboard and if I need to refresh my memory I wear it.
Its helped me visualise my straight plane of throw,
and I've found other ways of using it, like squaring up my wrist action.
I understand some folk will never get their head around the concept, but its worked for me
and I'm the one that throws my darts LOL
Steve Metalman
Administrator, DartsForum
Wrexham, Wales



When I was introduced to the DartSight for the first time, my experience with playing dart was very little, I had only tried it a few times. I knew the basic rules of the game from Eurosport, but had no technique or practice at all. So it was all from scratch.  We hung up a disc and measured the distance between the disc and the line, now ready to try darts for real for the first time in my life. David gave me instructions on how to stand and how to use the DartSight. In the beginning, I had difficulty getting my eyes used to focus on the disc through the small hole in the DartSight, --everything looked a little blurry and the results were poor. After a while, my eyes got used to it, and I could now focus on getting my brain and arm working together.  It is remarkable how difficult it is for a newbie to do the precise same movement twice in a row. David showed me some videos, and told me some of the theory behind the DartSight.   Slowly, my play got better, and after 45 minutes I hit my first red bulls eye; that felt really good, dart number two and three where both within 5 cm  from bulls eye.  My strategy from the beginning  was to put dart number two and three as close to dart number one as possible; of course they did not every time, but there is no doubt in my mind, that DartSight had a very positive influence on my first hour of darts.

Peter Frokjaer
Odense, Denmark


Players on the Way Back

Played darts most of my life. Not very good due to no consistency tho' still like to participate. 
Changed my throw & my stance several times over the years trying to improve and nothing's really worked.
There has even been times with dartitus. Bumped into Stuart approx 6 weeks ago who told me about dartsight .
I purchased 1. Practised with it & after approx 20 mins I was getting a lot closer to my targets and more consistently, 
but more to the point, because of the small distraction of having to look through the target hole,

it was taking away the concentration of trying to release the dart ( dartitus )
and the darts being released more freely . As long as the follow-through with the arm was on-line, 

the targets were more achievable, making the game more interesting.

John Markwick
Fellow Oldhamer


DartSight by David and Stuart Needham