Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"The Dart Player's Training Kit"
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2 years since the initial launch of DartSight, --a revolutionary new dart players training aid designed to help dart players achieve a greater level of accuracy on a more consistent basis, David & Stuart Needham, -- the inventor and Director of DartSight, have now taken the simple idea to the next level.  The 2 brothers from Oldham have developed and produced a dart players training kit, including a Dart Player’s Training Handbook (Quick Guide) which incorporates the DartSight methodology.

DartSight inventor Professor David Needham said, “We originally developed the DartSight to help us to practice where to start our dart throw from; the idea was to see if we could start at the same place every time when we aim our darts”.

“We just thought, at the very least, it must somehow be important, that a more consistent starting-aiming point could result in a more consistent action and a more consistent hitting of the target”.
“And the more we practiced using DartSight the more questions were raised”.

·       What is the best way for me? 
·       What does the physics of dart-flight say happens to the dart? 
·       Am I doing it right?
·       How do I know if I am doing it wrong?
·       How do I train my hand-eye coordination?
·       How do I give myself a rhythm that is consistent?
·       How can I concentrate, no matter what is going on around me when I throw?
·       How can I make sure I start in the same place every time?
·       What is happening in my brain? Is my action straight? 
·       Am I following through straight?
·       What should I look at?
·       What’s all-this dominant eye thing?

“These are some of the things we were thinking about when we invented DartSight and what we discovered as we continued to develop and use it over the last 2 years”.

The Director of DartSight Ltd. Stuart Needham said, “The usual phrase when playing any sport is Practice makes perfect!”

“We read somewhere that in fact Perfect practice makes perfect!”

“We think that the trick in practicing and playing the game of darts is to find out what to practice perfectly!”

His brother David went on to add, “Many dart-players start their throw in an aiming position.  Like many dart players, we experimented with trying to line-up the flight, the tip, a finger-nail, the thumb, or a pen-mark made on a finger or hand, in order to align the dart with the target as reproducible as possible”.

“But we couldn’t see through our thumb! So, rather than use any one of these solid objects, what if we could simply look through a sighter?”  

“And that’s how DartSight was born”.

“Simple right? Well initially we thought so, but, by using DartSight, we discovered, and became aware of, so many other aspects of the game.”

·       our throw,
·       our alignment,
·       our grip,
·       our release,
·       follow-through,
·       what we actually see,
·       which eye we look with,
·       and even what is happening in our brains when we throw.

“And as we said, it is going to take practice, --perfect practice!”

“The reasons each of us might not be as good as we want to be, could be because of all those bad habits, especially the misalignment that we have picked up and reinforced through simply playing darts, and practicing, imperfectly”.

“Using DartSight showed us what those bad habits were! And more importantly, it gave us a way to correct them! So we thought we would share it all, (at least where we are up to now) in this Dart Players Training Kit with the Dart Player’s Training Handbook: (Quick-Guide) incorporating The DartSight Methodology”.

The kit also comes complete with a DartSight, a Plumb-Line, and some Reminder Sheets to help focus a player’s practice sessions.  

DartSight by David and Stuart Needham