"The Dart Player's Training Kit"
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The Dart Player’s Training Kit

The revolutionary new training kit is designed to help dart players everywhere who, either want to learn how to throw darts for the first time, or want to improve their game.  It is designed to be used during your practice and training sessions in order to help the Dart Player achieve a greater level of accuracy on a more consistent basis.

The Dart Player’s Training Kit includes:

The Dart Player’s Training Handbook (A short, 16-page Quick Guide) --for Video Instruction that accompany the training practices, click here

1.     The Secret to Throwing Darts
2.     DartSight Assembly
3.     Basic DartSight Methodology
4.     Useful Tips and advice
5.     What to practice
6.     How to practice
7.     Sport Imagery

‘Things to Remember’ Reminder-Sheets
A DartSight Dart Sharpener…..and detachable Plumb Line
A DartSight

"align your throw and develop a reliable and repeatable muscle memory that let's you focus on all the other aspects of the game

REMEMBER: This whole package is a training aid;
its not about throwing darts, its about training an action so that you CAN throw darts

We really think we have discovered something very useful and so are now offering it to the Darting Community.

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We are DartSight....

David and Stuart Needham

With DartSight, What You See is What You HIT! 

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